Hero Pit Bull Lilly Saves Her Owner’s Life

I love pit bulls. They are some of the sweetest dogs I’ve met. 8-year-old rescued pit bull Lilly saved her unconscious owner Christine Spain from an oncoming freight train in Massachusetts earlier this month. The train missed the woman, but Lilly got hit. The wheels sliced Lilly’s front right paw and fractured her pelvis. She was immediately taken to the Angell Animal Medical Center for treatment. She lost her front right leg and had surgery for her pelvis. Luckily, Angell was able to raise enough money to cover her expenses, and she is now well on her way to recovery. A few days ago, the hero pit bull returned home to her loving family.
This morning, I got a chance to chat with David Lanteigne who gave Lilly as a gift to his mother Christine three years ago. Lilly has been Christine’s best friend and a constant companion since then. “She’s just an amazing dog,” he said. David rescued Lilly from the shelter and now she has saved his mother’s life. She is a true hero.
Pit Bulls get bad press quite often and a recent Maryland law deemed them “inherently dangerous,” but I am so glad to see a positive story about an amazing pittie for a change. “We have to punish the cause behind these things,” said David referring to bad owners turning pit bulls into violent dogs. “It’s because of these small number of owners, the good owners can’t have these wonderful dogs,” he said.
To read the whole story, please click on the picture below-

Hero Pit Bull Lilly Safe at Home on Petside.com


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