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profileI am a writer and editor based in New York. I am passionate about books, conservation, animals and traveling the globe. I am fortunate enough to combine all of them in my work. When I am not reading or glued to my macbook, I am outdoors with my adopted dog, organizing volunteer events, exploring the city with my friends or planning my next adventure. I believe in making the best of the time we have on this planet.

My work has appeared in the New York Times, Salon, GQ, Yahoo!, MSN, Time Out and Yourtango among others. I write about animal rescue, culture, conservation, pets and eco and adventure travel. For the past two years, I wrote a weekly column on NBC’s Petside.com with a focus on pets and animal organizations around the world. I’ve edited and written Jeff Corwin Connect’s ebook, Jeff’s Explorer Series: Sharks.

Email: Lavanyasun@gmail.com
Phone: 516-491-8899

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Your article in the New York Times was incredibly inspiring. Thank you for your honesty. Wishing you every success and happiness. All the best.

  2. I am deeply touched by your article in the times. Families from our culture can force us down a path in life that we did not want to be in, but they never stop supporting us. I liked that you spoke up about both your conditions. Do you think the cultural issues with medicine are still the same in india?

  3. Your article in the Dec 11th issue of the New York Times was touching, honest, and well-written. I recently spend three weeks traveling in India as a tourist. Although I vistited 62 countries, sailing around the world for eight years on a 43-foot catamaran, my husband and I did not make landfall in India due to the bureaucracy. So now that we have completed that adventure (see my book “In Search of Adventure and Moments of Bliss, MAIDEN VOYAGE”) I wanted to see those countries that we missed. India was #1 on that list, and I was not disappointed.

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